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Digital Marketing & Management

*Communicate Creatively*

Effective marketing requires passion and knowledge. 

In Color Digital helps and continuously supports Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even indie artists build their presence online through creative multimedia social media marketing and management. 

People who are continuously learning and have a well rounded understanding of creativity, excellent language and interpersonal skills, and time management are just a few fundamentals.  Let's take an in-depth and unique approach to help you stay ahead of the curve.  We provide bespoke branded content in audio and visual forms to help establish your online brand awareness to build an audience, and re-engage your current audience.  Content creation plays a very important in your marketing and can be utilized in multiple formats from advertisements to having that catchy jingle that everyone gets stuck in their head.

If you need growth for your business and the time to be more focused on other aspects of your company, let us help you.  You can have a wonderful product, brand, or message.  Without marketing, your message isn't being heard.


60 Minute Online Marketing Checklist For Musicians

Have you wondered how you are going to get people to hear your music after you release your tracks and EP's? 

Even if you are a business owner, this guide will help you navigate your way in digital marketing. 

Today's music industry relies vastly on the digital world.  Use this guide to help and maintain your music career in 60 minutes a day!

In this checklist, we do the hard work of identifying what to focus on.

Then, we encourage you to build your momentum by using this checklist on a daily basis.

If you have a system for how you tackle your daily marketing activities, you will not only feel more in control, but your confidence will also increase.

60 minutes isn't too much time to be spending online if you want to get the most out of your efforts. Can you commit to it for the sake of your career?

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Our diverse experience has allowed us to develop an array of promotional services.
These include paid media ads, social media analytics, wording/slogans and creating campaigns, posters, and social posts for your bespoke marketing strategy.  This is something we will of course go over in-depth with you to determine what will be required.

Digital social media


Social media marketing makes a difference in every business and is essential to keep up with the trends.  This includes content creation, social listening and monitoring essentials including the marketing trifecta concepts to help you grab the attention of your target audience by interacting, posting, and helping generate and drive sales.  This ensures promotion to your customers.  Whether you're looking to pitch your brand or product(s) to a client or business, you must make the appropriate research plans to formulate a marketing strategy that concludes to further business intelligence, therefore, building working relationships with relatable businesses/clients for future promotions.

Sync Up


Your business obviously needs to be seen and available to your audience to find you.  The importance of investing in content marketing such as analytics and ad management is a crucial process.

Working on Tablet


Content creation will help you grab the attention of your target audience.  It works as part of the branding process.  It works in collaboration with your social media marketing strategy.  In Color Digital will creatively curate necessary content to make your business stand out.



The Founder of In Color Digital, became a digital nomad and moved around a lot.  She has since grown her passion for marketing and promoting businesses and products.  She has had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies. She carefully review the needs of each client/business and tailors the work according to their needs.

She started in an audio production for a one year diploma course then transitioned into music business courses.  The idea of producing something was exceptional, however, the knowledge of how to get that production out there was more appealing.  It became a quick learning challenge that perfectly paired her creative and media skills with experience from both angles.  She has moved provinces and countries teaching English from acquiring her TESOL/TEFL certification.  This has also played a role in discovering the use of English proficiency for effective campaigns and posts.  

There has been sufficient success in working with smaller health companies, indie musicians, and pubs, to promoting vape products, to being self employed with Paramount Pictures as a Promotional Representative.

Have a question or think she can provide clarity for your business? See past work below and let it speak for itself.


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Examples of past campaigns and social media posts. These contain all original photos, posters, and content.  Most recent projects at the top.

Image by Markus Winkler


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